iGotYa 1.0

Source:Fintan Killoran

iGotYa is a simple little app for managing GPS or WPS positions and areas of interest. Positions like where you left your car or where your friends house is etc. You can take geotagged photos and attach a description of the location. You don't have to take a photo to save information about the position you are at if for instance you are saving battery power. With each position a map is displayed. You can also attach a trail to this map. So you can plot out a route if you want

You can enhance your experience with this app if you signup with our web service http://www.igotya.mobi/site/signup you can upload this data and share with your friends or only certain people you can setup within private groups. People then can comment on your content

We hope you find this app useful and enjoyable. We hope to periodically add new updates to it. All of which of will free

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OS:Android 2.1 and up